How I (accidentally) started my web developer career at 18

A photo of me typing on a MacBook

🎣 Getting hooked on web development

The Windows logo animating in the top-right corner of an Internet Explorer 6 window in Windows XP
Sadly, I couldn’t find a GIF that had a perfect loop of this

🎯 The goal: make money but don’t waste time

A series of screenshots of my TripView redesign concept

✨ An opportunity delivered by luck (and skill)

2hats FB ad: “A student in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a large enough panic” —Newton’s lesser known fourth law
Pure Gen Z bait.
Left: mockup given; Right: screenshot of my app
  • I hadn’t heard of them before, since it only started a few months before I found them, so their marketing campaign plus Facebook’s algorithm connecting us was quite lucky.
  • I was fortunate to have someone willing to take a chance and fight for me to continue through their selection process despite the disastrous interview.
  • They were just about to finish migrating their student portal to React — and I just happened to have some experience with it. I could’ve easily looked into Angular, Vue, stayed on vanilla JS or jQuery; or ditched JS and looked at more traditional web development stacks with Python, Ruby, or (gasp) PHP.
  • I was even more lucky to have the tech lead to continue to fight for me after the assessment, with concerns over my limited work availability and ability to integrate socially into the team based on my interview performance.



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